Coaching for your journey


I am available to schedule hour length calls to work though your hurtles, stuck spots and questions. I have a rich knowledge base in the Enneagram, and will use that to help remove blind spots allowing greater wholeness. I am also a midwife and would love to supplement the care you’re getting with an OB by providing in depth nutritional support, practical tips, and extra grace for your journey. As an experienced wise woman let me walk along side you and provide the tools and support that will allow you to thrive.



A Check In

60 mins - $120

Having terrible morning sickness, lost a family member in the middle of a pregnancy or tired of trying random cures from Dr Google. Set up a check in where we can go over anything and everything that is coming up for you.


A Gate Keeper

3 visits - $100 Each

Carrying a baby that has died is a huge work. There are practical, emotional and even spiritual elements that come into play. I will walk with you through the unknown journey as a guide, a support and a safe place to be heard.


Prenatal and Postpartum Basic Package

Package 4 Visits - $400

Had a Check In and know you want more for all the ups and downs of pregnancy? On your first baby or even your eighth baby you will want to create margin, intentionality, and a crafted tool base. This is a great way to make that happen. Checking in once every trimester and then once in your postpartum, is an easy way to say yes to a positive pregnancy experience, a beautiful birth, and easy postpartum. Need more? Contact me for larger package pricing.


Enneagram and Pregnancy

75 mins - $150

This in depth session will go through why you are finding yourself in protective patterns that are no longer serving you well. Shed light on practical steps to take you out of that pattern, all the while keeping an eye on the work you are doing of making a person.




You and the Enneagram

60 mins - $75

After taking an online Enneagram assessment, or coming into our time with a clear idea of what number you identify with most, we will spend an hour talking about where you need wisdom and insight. Where in your life your not moving in freedom. Where in your life you are not walking as the beloved. To close our time I will give practical steps, tips, an exercise and maybe even a little push that you might not otherwise have had to move forward into wholeness.


Enneagram and Others

90 mins - $175

Feeling stuck in a repeating relationship pattern? This is an eye opening 90 minutes, allowing your inner self to be seen and allowing patterns to be revealed. I will ask as many questions as it takes to get to understanding and your honest answers will be a light moving us to clarity.


Enneagram and Children

60 mins - $125

Children are people. They have souls, hurts, hopes and personalities. I will help you navigate with the illumination of the Enneagram what might be motivating you and your child in patterns that aren’t working for either one of you.